zenias commissions
(Revised on May 18th 2015.)

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms listed in my TOS.
Ignorance of the terms doesn't exclude you from them. :D

Do not send me Notes/PMs/Shouts regarding commissions unless otherwise instructed. Emails to zeniawulfe@gmail.com only please.


Nothing I do is on a work-for-hire basis. I only work on a freelance basis.
This means All rights are mine.
Should you want more than repost rights, that is something we have to talk about before work is started.

I reserve the right to cancel due to harassment, improper conduct, poor communication or for personal reasons.
   - If I cancel for one of those reasons, you will recieve a full refund and I will reuse it at my discretion.
   - You may not keep/post/edit any WIPs that I may have sent you during our transaction.

If you decide to cancel the commission...
   - I will give a partial refund and you can keep what I've done so far.
   - Or you may recieve a full refund and you can not use or post any of the work from the commission. I will reuse it at my discretion.

Payment in USD via PayPal
     - Full payment is required before the image is complete. In the case of regular commissions you may pay once the base sketch is approved.
     - For comics you can pay all up front or half before I start the first half of the pages and the other half before I start the second half of the pages.
     - I will send an invoice to you. I send it as goods/service and I pay the fees.
        - Part of being a commission artist is accepting that PayPal wants to be paid too.
        - You may choose to send me a tip afterward, but it is not required.

Posting & Multiple Characters
- I will post the image in my galleries first. You may also post it in yours, but I would prefer you to wait until at least one (1) day after I post it in my gallery.
- If you post the image, you must link back to my gallery/submission.
- If your image contains multiple characters by other people, everyone has permission to post it.
- If your commission is going to be X-rated and contains characters by other people, I require permission from them to include their characters and will contact them.
    - If it is to be a gift picture...
       - I need to see that you are connected somehow. (they say something about you on their page)
       - You need to tell them to note me from their account to say it is okay. (even if it spoils the surprise)

Private Commissions
- I prefer not to do these, as I usually like to show off my work. If you want to keep a commission private and have me never post it anywhere online or off, there will be an extra (non-refundable) fee of $10.
    - If you should choose to post it later on anyway, that is ok with me... but I will not refund the deposit, and I can also post the image at my discretion.

- Do not re-sell my adoptables for more than what you paid for them. If I see you do that (even if they 'come with additional art' since technically you are not allowed to sell that art unless you produced it) then I may not let you adopt from me again. That, or share the proceeds with me. ;)

- I retain all rights to any image I create. This includes the right to make and sell prints, though that is unlikely.
    - I retain the right to issue takedown notices if my art is edited without my permission.
- You may make a personal print for yourself or make an avatar/icon/banner with the image.
- You may post the art on your gallery, provided the site allows someone other than the artist to post. (ie: NOT DeviantART)
- You may not use the image to make money or mass produce the image for any reason. This requires the rights to be purchased from me.
- You may not make edits to completed work or have another do it for you without my permission. (I would prefer to make the edits, as I keep the original files.)
- I do not work at 300dpi (or higher) unless asked before work begins. If you ask me to work in such a resolution, I will provide the flattened file to you when it is done.
     - However, you may NOT post that version. Please only post the 72dpi web version.

Contact me with questions or commission information via EMAIL
Lastly, you may see my real name when sending me a PayPal payment.
Please do not share it under any circumstances. I prefer to not use my real name online. I will do the same for you.

Thank You